Egg Masala Fry

Egg Masala Fry, a boiled egg recipe with potato and adding some spices to make it more favorable. In short, a delicious egg recipe which makes you happy.

We need:

4 boiled eggs

1 boiled potato (cut into 4 pieces)

2 onions finely chopped

1 tsp ginger paste

2 tsp garlic paste

1 big tomato finely chopped

1 tsp kashmiri red chilli powder

¼ tsp turmeric powder

3 tbsp oil

Salt as per your taste

1 tsp chicken masala

½ tsp sambar masala

¼ tsp garam masala

Let’s cook

So friends to make this recipe first heat a pan. After that add oil 1 tsp and fry the boiled eggs for 1-2 minutes. When egg becomes golden brown in colour remove them from pan and keep in a plate. So here we add the remaining oil into the pan and let it becomes heat. After oil becomes heat add finely chopped onions and fry them for 2-3 minutes on medium flame.

So when the onion fried properly or becomes light golden brown in colour put the gas on low flame. When oil becomes a little cool add red chilli powder and turmeric powder. After that mix them nicely and then immediately add ginger and garlic paste. After that fry all the masala very well on low to medium flame for 1-2 minutes.

So after frying the masala for 1-2 minutes add chopped tomato, salt as per your taste and fry those all for 2-3 minutes on low to medium flame. After that add chicken masala and sambar masala and nicely cook for 1 minute. When masala frying is completely done means oil leaves the side of the pan add boiled potato and fried eggs into it.

After that we fry all the ingredients for 1-2 minutes on low to medium flame. Finally add garam masala then mix well and switch off the gas. Finally our egg masala fry is ready to serve.

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