Welcome to mChef‘s home page. mChef : which I have abbreviated as Make Cooking Healthy and Enjoyable Forever. After doing so much of cooking experiments I found out that my ideas on cooking need to be shared with everyone. I do believe in sharing instead :). Develop a healthy lifestyle, that will last forever.

Home page is face of a website, so we try to describe some words about our website in this home page . Hi there! mChef is really going to help you find out your favorite dishes like less oily, hygienic, quick and easy. Basically mChef is trying to serve best food recipes for everyone but it gives special attention to the people who have very less time to make food like job holders, business professionals and it is also for the students who lives far from their sweet homes, all the above persons have very few time to cook their food.

So mChef try to give a special field for them which contains less time consuming recipes, healthy recipes and also the recipes which contains less ingredients and the ingredients which are easily available in market. So try the recipes of mChef at your kitchen and fully enjoy them. Kitchen of mChef also try to serve you all the innovative and different type of recipes which you must enjoy. Just be on board.

Food is an important part of a balanced diet.


Fruits and veggies

Organic lean proteins

Omega 3 fatty acids

Drink water

A balanced diet is one which contains variety of foods in such quantities and proportion that the need of all nutrients is adequately met for maintaining health, vitality and general well being.

The more you invest in your health now, the more you potentially save in health bills later. If you want improved relationship, improve your health. You have more to give others when you feel energetic, peaceful and comfortable in your skin.

Healthy food is very very important for making us energetic, peaceful and comfortable. Eat healthy = Feel healthy. So just cook healthy and delicious food and serve everyone.

Let’s stick together, we request not to waste food. Have fun!