Banana and dates smoothie

Today I will show you how to make banana and dates smoothie. This recipe is very easy, tasty and healthy also. We need less than 5 minutes  to make this delicious recipe. The combination of banana and dates makes this smoothie wonderful. Also this is full of nutrients and it contains a lot of health benefits. Kids loves this smoothie very much.


Banana – 1 no.

Dates – 5 no.

Milk – 1 cup

Sugar – 1 tsp

Honey – 1 tsp

Ice cubes – 2 pieces


First peel and cut banana into small pieces. Take a blender jar add banana, dates (without seeds), milk, sugar, ice cubes and honey. Now blend all the ingredients till smooth. Transfer it in to a serving glass, garnish with small pieces of dates & banana and serve immediately.

Tips –

If you want to avoid sugar then add 1 tsp honey in place of sugar. You also avoid ice cubes if you want.

One thought on “Banana and dates smoothie

  1. Mobeen Ashraf Reply

    It’s not just tasty but healthy as well… thanks for sharing!!! 🙏

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