Suji Kheer

This Suji Kheer recipe is very easy and tasty. It takes less than 15 minutes to prepare.

So lets start this recipe….


Suji – 1/2 cup

Milk – 2 cup

Water – 1 cup

Sugar – 1/2 cup or according to your taste

Bay leaf – 1 no

 Cashew nut – 10 no

Cardamom powder of 2 cardamoms

Raisin – 10 no 

Ghee – 1/2 tsp

Method :-

For preparing the Suji Kheer first heat a pan put the gas on medium flame, after pan becomes heat add ghee, then add bay leaf and dry fruits, fry for 1 minute. Now add suji and fry for 2 minutes on low flame, don’t let the suji became brown. After 2 minutes of frying add milk, water and sugar and cook for 4-5 minutes. Mix it on a regular interval of 30 seconds on medium flame. After 5 minutes the kheer becames thick, now add the cardamom powder mix well. Now we switch off the gas and our suji kheer is ready now.         

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