Tomato Chutney

Hi friends today I will show you a very very tasty Tomato Chutney which is made with very few ingredients. Flavor of garlic make this chutney much more tasty and delicious.


2 big size tomatoes

4 dry red chilli

15-20 garlic cloves (1 whole garlic)

Salt to taste

Oil – 2 tbsp


For making this chutney first nicely wash the tomatoes and roughly chopped them. Keep the tomatoes in a bowl. Now switch on the gas and heat a pan or kadhai, after the pan becomes heat add oil to it, after oil becomes heat add dry red chilli, garlic cloves, chopped tomato and fry all the ingredients very well. Fry them all for 2-3 minutes or until the tomato becomes a little bit softer.

Let the mixture becomes cool for 10 minutes, now take a blender jar and add the fried tomato, garlic and red chilli mixture to it and blend all the ingredients till it becomes smooth. Now transfer the tomato paste into a bowl, add salt to it and mix very well. Now our Chatpata tomato chutney is ready to eat. This is a very very easy and quick and chatpata recipe. Try this chutney with potato fry, samosa, vegitable chop etc.

** If you like thin chutney then add 2-3 tbsp of water while blending it. But without water it could tastes better.

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