Water melon Juice

Water Melon Juice

Water melon juice is the best health drink during summer. This is a delicious and refreshing fruit. Water melon has a lot of health benefits. It contains a lot of water because of this it keeps our body hydrated. Water melon is a low calories fruit and it contains vitamin A and vitamin C as well. So this always being a good fruit during summer.


2 cups of water melon cut into small pieces or 1/4 of a small water melon

2 tbsp sugar ( you can increase or decrease amount of sugar as per your taste )

2 pinch of black salt

( Adding black salt is not compulsory )


Water melon juice is always loved by everyone, so for making this healthy juice first we have to take a water melon cut it into 4 pieces. Now take one piece, remove the skin and cut into small pieces. After that remove the seeds of the water melon. Now take a blender jar, add water melon pieces and sugar to it and make a fine paste of it. If requires then add a little water and blend. Don’t add too much of water otherwise taste of this juice is not very good.

After blending into smooth, strain the juice to a bowl. Here our juice is ready to serve. For serving this juice take a glass, add 2 pinch of black salt then add the juice. Now mix it well and serve, if you like then add 2-3 ice cubes. If you don’t like the taste of black salt then skip it.

You can enjoy this juice without black salt also. Both are tastes good, so try this at your home and enjoy this summer drink with your family, kids also love this summer drink. And finally don’t forget to share your experience with us we love to hear from you.

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