Today I am sharing with you a tea time snacks recipe. The recipe is very easy to make. In this recipe of maida namkeen, I have added kalonji. It gives nice flavor to maida nimki. Although this is a deep fried recipe of nimki, you can also bake this in oven to make it healthier. This can be made in advance and store in an air tight container. It remains fresh for around 1-2 months. But don’t keep it for very long time.


Refined flour – 500 gm

Oil – 100 gm

Kalonji (black cumin)– 2 tsp

Salt – 1/2 tsp or according to taste

Baking powder – 1/4 tsp


Sieve refined flour or maida in a big mixing bowl. Add salt to the flour. Season the flour according to your taste. Also add kalonji in the maida. Add oil in the flour, now mix the flour with salt, kalonji and oil using hand. Now adding little water in refined flour start kneading the dough for nimki. Knead the dough for nimki. Pound the dough using hands so that it becomes soft. Keep the dough aside for 10 min to rest. Divide the dough into small balls like size of roti. Take one ball and roll it into thin roti. Roll the maida dough into thin roti. Now using a knife or pizza cutter, cut the nimki into small pieces or according to your choice. Nimki is ready to be fried. Now for frying, heat oil in a kadhai. Check if the oil is hot enough for putting a small piece of dough in oil. Now add the nimki in oil and deep fry the nimki. Put the gas on low to medium flame. Fry the maida nimki till it become golden in color. Once the nimki is fried take it out of oil using a frying spoon. Delicious nimki is ready.


This is a deep fry recipe so we cannot say this is good for our health but here we used kalonji(black cumin)which is very much helpful for our body. It contains antioxidant. Antioxidants can have a powerful effect on health and disease and kalonji is paked with antioxidents. Kalonji has been shown to be especially effective at lowering cholesterol. Studies have found that kalonji could protect the liver from injury and damage, it may be effective against several types of bacterial infections besides this it has much more benifits for our body.

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